Woodcone Speakers

Special re-designed and combined set of original JVC’s well known Woodcone speakers. This very clear sounding concept with it’s wooden cone’s sounds in this combination even much better.                                               For this purpose the three speakers are completed with a fourway separation filter. 

Lion pow is in chromed brass cast, originaly used in tables made by Eichholtz.                                                                                   Floorstand is made in 3 cm. thick plywood.

This set is made to connect with a normal amplfier with speaker cable’s.                                                                     For a need of deep(er) low frequencies (bass) the advise is to compleet this system with an (sub)woofer. 

Speakers are optimized for the stereo effect in a left and right version.                                                                            The set has its original six protection front shields in great condition.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Hight 110 cm. / Width 40 cm. / Depth 30 cm.

Set-price € 2800,-


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