Wall Lamp Set

Two Wella 50’s hair-dryers rebuild for lighting and still blow (not heated)wind on a work, recreation spot ore above a dinertable.

Balanced and multi adjustable arm for manny hanging positions.

Possibility of hanging this/these lamp(s) high above a working/reading/living table because of their total length (2m.).

Power work/reading warm-white Led light.

Switchable low power ambiance Led light (red, green or blue or off), controlled by turn-switch.

Bleu “standby licht” changeable in red, green or off. Black button switches on and regulates the warm-white working Led powerlight.

Black switch puts on and regulates fan power (still a small effect of Hairdresser’s smell when blowing) . Arm and lamp re-painted with antacid industrial paint.

Size; Total length: 200cm. Length first(wall) arm: 90cm. Total hight-dive second arm: 105cm.

Price: € 1700,- per lamp / € 3300,- for both

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