Table Lamp

Lights made of power supply’s made (from start) in 1927 for the first commercially produced Philips radio (on battery’s / Philips radio type 2501). These units are very rare because of the short period of build in a transition period that the Netherlands was connected to the power grid.Presented at the Philips museum / Eindhoven in the Netherlands.Two round buttons; Left one (Det), switching between off / the two small neon lights or the new high-quality Philips Led lamp. Right one (Volt), Ledlamp off and dimmable. Five lamps made (one sold) four available.Original plate explaining the original use in Dutch, also one French version available.One version made with (E22) lamp socket, the lamp can be replaced by another type (this one included with the Led and “original” Edison type). The other types have integrated (glued) led lamps in the top plate. Size; Housing: 20 x 12cm. Total hight: 26cm. (socket version: 33cm.)

Price: € 810,- per light.

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