Speaker System

Modulair (passive) speakersystem, that can be ordered at your wishes in combinations and needs; standing and laying version, with or without (original active)subwoofer, the handmade sub or center speaker with famous Magnat drivers. And even a wall-mounted version with original new Jieldé© ornament.

The used speakers are the great sounding system of Sony Pascal series (SA-VE835ED, introduced in 2002) original subwoofer, two available (your amplifier system needs a special subwoofer output).

Original Jieldé© version in gray metallisé paint and mounting plate:

Polished version, Jieldé imitation:

Raw version Jieldé imitation with black arms:

This special (stereo)subwoofer is only build once, and this wil stay this way or it will be announced on this website. It has a transmissionline reflex and double filter for frequenties under 300Hz. (can be connected in bi-wired option). Sizes; Small rounded speaker(frontal): 18 x 10cm.

Wall-version: total length 30arm + 30arm + 20cm.

Round Subwoofer: 43 x 27 x 32(h.)cm. Original Sony sub (typ.nr. SA-WMS835) 23 x 40 x 49cm.                            

Speakers included original Sony fronts:

Price: individual prices listed below;

  • Speaker with laying or standing paw and Sony© front;
    • Polished: € 345,-
    • Raw: € 275,-
  • Original new Jieldé© wall version in Gray paint with extra large wallmount-plate and polished speaker (ask for delivery time): € 625,-
  • Lookalike version
    • Polished: €485,-
    • Raw: € 375,-
  • Round handmade subwoofer (only one made and available): € 2200,-
  • Extra, one centre speaker including rounded speaker holder: € 345,-
  • Original Sony subwoofer (second hand, used and tested okay) see the original Sony picture above: € 140,-

Ordering 3 or more speaker items, 10% discount on total price.

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