Parabolic Surgical lamp

Very big and heavy operation lamp. Is generous rebuild on the biggest and best build tripod in the collection of the German brand Linhof. Its made in the 60’s and very rare. The tripod is unpainted and polished, the legs are repainted in silk black. 

The originaly one-armed lamp unit (Martin Chromophare 950) is stripped of its handles, halogen lamps and heavy powersupply. The half moon adjusting bracket is hand made for this occasion to give it an new possibility for positioning. In the parabol are two led power modules used for the new lighting. Both are multifunctional and can display all colors including cool and warm white. The lamps are individualy controlled by a included remote control, that also has a separated dim function.

In top of the lamp a small red 1 watt “standby” light, that can be switched of at the bottom of the lamp unit. 

The lamp can be placed in many positions, lowest hight 1,8 m. maximum hight 3,2 m. lampunit profile 0,9 m. At your wish, the lamp can also be placed on a Cambo or Firenze collum stand (see the other Giant Surgical lamp for an indication). The unit has a 5 m. long vinyl wired power cable.

Price : €.: 5880,-   (one lamp made and available)  

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