Giant Fan and Lighting

Giant fan with perfect speed control done by classic Variac (variable norm transformer). Very quiet professional motor creating very low noise, and by raising the speed you only can hear the windnoise.

Hight changing possibility on the Firenze tripod and the fan’s inner circle can be lighted in four colors (red, green, blue or warm white).

Powerfull warm white Led module (1500 Lumen) is build in front of the fan motor witch can be switched and dimmed independently.

Placed behind the speed controller is a red led ambiance light, witch also can be switched in two intensities.                                                                                                                                                                                   This and/or the fan inner circle  lighting can also fulltime function as standby or ambiance (night) light.

For this product is created a wooden fan housing and a steel half moon steel bow to hang the motor and propellor and give it adjusting possibilities.

Advise for positioning this object in a public space or environment with children is fixation to floor, wall or ceiling.     Standhight : 170 cm.  /   Fan circle : 70 cm.   /   Maximum total hight : 2,20 cm.  /   Motorpower on full speed ± 450W.                                                                       

Price : € 6500,-


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